A Critical Discourse Analysis of Donald Trump’s Speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Feb 28th-2021


The purpose of this study is to critically review the statements made by Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on February 28, 2021. The government expressed its vision to convey its philosophy of gaining power. There is scope for overcoming those who are determined to win the hearts of Americans. In addition to Trump’s political strategy and alleged attacks on Biden’s new administration since leaving Potus for Washington DC, he is also making minor comparisons with Biden’s presidency during his presidency.

The main theme of the speech

In light of Donald Trump’s speech on February 28, 2021. Donald Trump has used very simple language in his satirical attack on Biden and his newly formed administration. The main basis on which he spoke was border security, the development of the United States, radicalism, energy, the wall, and the wheels, and the end of socialism. He does his best to convince people that the Biden administration is not the right choice for Americans as president. At all times, Trump sheds light on the current administration’s bad intentions regarding border management.


Trump’s speech on February 28, 2021, was to criticize the Biden administration in every possible way. Addressing the people, he tries to make people feel curious about his better presidency and achievements. Trump added He wants peace and prosperity for Americans, but these things are visible from afar because the Biden administration is wreaking havoc instead of peace and prosperity. He told the crowd that the Biden administration was going to deteriorate in the future. There was talk of Biden’s bad political attitude towards Donald Trump’s energy and national development. Trump’s speech focused on Biden’s disability in developing appropriate strategies, techniques, and plans to provide equal opportunities for all citizens. In his speech, Donald Trump criticized the Biden administration on border management. Trump explained, “We have a bright past by building walls on our borders to combat trafficking or slavery and child Smuggling. We’ve done a lot in this regard, but unfortunately, the current administration has a lot left to do,”. Trump added Biden administration is not interested in completing the section, instead, they are taking various effective measures to facilitate cross-border sections, which could jeopardize our security and peace and have serious consequences. Ease of border security means the entry of illegal immigrants which is very dangerous and enough to create unrest in our country. Biden’s decision to allow child traffickers and criminals into the country is troubling. But under my administration, all these activities were prohibited and no one was allowed to spoil the resources and prosperity of our country. In his speech, Trump is trying to point out the flaws by comparing all of Biden’s decisions to his own. He is clearly exposing Biden’s political methods as a threat to the United States and its people.


After a critical review of Trump’s speech, we come to the point where his speech was about his past presidency to explain arguments to the people. He wants to win the interest of the people by giving a statement of strength and unity to which the Americans are entitled. He said. “We have the potential to lay a solid foundation for the growth, development, and prosperity of Americans,” He is clearing it up, pointing to fundamentalism and socialism as obstacles to unity and prosperity. At the same time, he told the people that over time, that Biden’s bad governance would be a sign of failure. Trump explained that the Biden administration will deteriorate beyond our expectations. Trump verbally attacked Biden’s camp because Biden has dragged the United States down economically. He took a strong stand, highlighting the energy crisis. “Biden has no idea what energy means. He is only focusing on how to operate the windmills but in reality, he does not know that these mills are of no importance to the people. The Biden administration is taking people to the streets and depriving them of their business”. Trump described Biden’s first-month progress as negative. Not only that, its policies are making people jobless and causing economic ruin. Biden’s tougher decision on borders is endangering the lives of every American. In such a short time, Biden has brought America from top to bottom. Comparing his time, Trump said, “In a very short time, we’ve made it easier for American families and young people to get to safety by developing the border security strong.” Trump is pragmatically talking about walls and wheels, pointing to the current administration, by not focusing on completing his border plan. We built great and amazing walls to improve America’s security. But from the beginning of the project, the Democrats never wanted to complete this amazing project. They did their best to create financial problems for the project. But with all these obstacles, we struggle a lot and succeed in reaching our destination. By building this wall, we will stop illegal immigration and smuggling. Some rude customers who entered our country were caught and sent back to their country. Unfortunately, much remains to be done to complete the rest of the wall, but Biden’s poor management is not paying attention to its completion. There are only a few parts of this project left but they do not want to complete it. “Trump spoke in the American political context, pointing to Biden’s self-made decisions that stand in the way of his plan,” Trump added in his speech that Biden is a threat to our national security. Because of his self-made behavior, he is not willing the ongoing project to be completed. Trump has demonstrated what we have done for national security, but the Biden administration is deeply concerned. Also, in a political conversation, Trump said that Biden is allowing illegal immigrants into our country, which meant that border security is at stake. Immigrants are running in our country as we have never seen before. Trump addressing people, Biden’s current misguided approach is persuading everyone to take advantage of the country’s resources. We all love them and want to help them, but we are not in a position to endure the world’s hardships. But the false and foolish promises made by Biden are inciting these people to enter our country illegally. “Donald Trump’s focus is on border security”. He always tries to draw people’s attention to the ongoing issue of border completion. Biden may have a tough time criticizing the trump Post administration. In his speech, Trump shared his views on the border crisis and once again condemned Biden’s decision. Trump added that Biden’s decision to repeal border security was a self-imposed decision that was nothing more than an escalation of the immigration crisis. These decisions will give way to criminals, drugs, and child smugglers entering our country. Trafficking or slavery, child and drug trafficking will increase dramatically, which Americans will experience on a daily basis. Trump highlighted his administration’s success, saying, “We were not just building a wall, we were building strong and tight security by restricting the activities of drugs, human trafficking, and criminals. our system was Strong enough to protect Americans from such threats”.

Micro-level analysis

Instead of presenting vague ideas, Trump presents his speech in a very simple and understandable way. He was clear about what he was saying and what he meant by that. He spoke brilliantly in a political context and based every sentence on arguments. During his speech, Donald Trump was widely critical of the Biden administration, and it appears that he was already aware of the situation in the Biden administration. His speech focuses entirely on the border issue, and whenever he targeted Biden, he used weak border security, construction, and management as a reference against Biden to prove his failure as US president.

Meso level analysis

Trump delivered a remarkable and well-documented speech against human rights abuses, racism, violence, and capitalism, which he delivered with Excellency. His speech was full of aggression and deception, which fully reflected his tumultuous presidential conduct. Donald Trump demonstrated his supremacy against the Biden administration as he did during his presidency. As always, he talked about the implementation of his border security, which has now been halted by the Biden administration. He is confident that the Biden administration will never use the resources to develop the remaining border wall.

The bottom line

To conclude, the speech of Donald Trump-at Potus on February 28, 2021, is a real representation of the two political enemies who are fighting with their mouths. After the attack on the US capital, Trump is trying to gain sympathy by mentioning some of the things that happened during his presidency. However, some of the priorities of Trump are also clear after critically analyzing this very speech. Trump is being more persuasive in delivering his idea to make the audience respond are more willing to joint his demands and dramatic effect that used in persuasive speech which it can be a powerful and effective way to make a point also it can be a part of Trump’s way to deliver his utterances. .



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