Why is there so much social injustice in America?

J. Tariq
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Social injustice is a common problem all over the world and it is engulfing humanity, living standards, ethics, etc. in an immoral way. Racism, poverty, power, and resources are debated everywhere, but the way it is intensifying in the United States is even more worrying. With a well-developed economy, adequate infrastructure, vast resources, and quality education, the country still fails to eradicate injustice. The foul smoke of fanaticism, bigotry, and partiality is indifferently dividing the nation’s youth.

With a long history of racism, the government has failed to protect human rights.

The government’s failure to protect and recognize human rights is provoking social injustice constantly. Failure to do so has resulted in major problems such as freedom, voting, education, work, quality health. Despite decades of efforts, the government has failed to ensure the protection of human rights.
Lack of trust and cooperation to strengthen and integrate different communities and highlight the role of the individual within the community is also contributing to social injustice. In fact, if these communities are properly organized, they can provide a strong foundation for tackling social injustice and improve the quality of life of the individual, regardless of race, color, or ethnicity.
Also, the failed commitment to sustainable human development is fueling social injustice and inequality among the people of the United States. The ineffectiveness of promoting economic growth that increases per capita income to meet their basic needs is a major blow to the United States. Equality is possible only when the government succeeds in promoting adequate economic growth to ensure that people have access to adequate education, create employment opportunities, and have a standardized health system. The future and the current generation can be safe and developed only if the government lays the foundation for the development of the social and physical environment. But unfortunately, the practical effort is still not very effective, which is why the situation of social injustice in the United States is getting worse and worse.
The United States has a long history of racism that has consistently targeted the lives of a particular community based on their skin color. How can one forget the murder of innocent Floyd by the police which shocked humanity once again? This long-standing racial inequality in American society shows how badly the government has failed to uphold social justice among the people. The impact is huge, as it not only deprives the target community of adequate health care, education, freedom of expression but also makes them violent. These accidents happen on a regular basis but the government has not yet set up a proper channel to deal with the situation.

Bottom line

We live in the 21st century but unfortunately, we are still breathing in the shadow of social Injustices. The evils of fanaticism and discrimination are causing riots, unrest, and commotion in society On a regular basis. The evils of racism, inequality and prejudice have always divided human beings into many groups. Issues of identity, caste, and religion are fundamentally happening in every society today and have brought a sign of tension, failure, and unrest. As a result, the people are fraught with fear and danger where no one feels safe even in their homes.



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